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 Ivor Novello Awards 
Genie In A Bottle - International Hit of the Year

 Ladies' Home Journal
 Top 10 Most Fascinating Women of 1999 Awards
 Genie In A Bottle - Best Song Female Artist
 Christina Aguilera - Best CD


 Amigo Awards
 Best International Newcomer

 Billboard Latin Music Awards
 Best Pop Album Of The Year 
 Female Artist of The Year

 Emmy Awards
 SNL 2000 episode - Best Technical Direction
 SNL 2000 episode - Camerawork
 SNL 2000 episode - Video For A Series

 Entertainment Weekly
 Official site - Best web sites of the 21st Century

 Best New Artist

 Latina Magazine's
 Entertainer Of The Year

 Lo Nuestro Awards
 Best New Artist
 Best Female Artist of the Year

 Poll on VH1
 Sexiest Teen Idols

 Starlight Awards
 Recognition for donations to charities

 Teen Magazine's Awards
 Best Girl-Power Song
 Best Female Artist
 Most Stylish Female Artist


Billboard Video Award
Lady Marmalade - Director of the Year Paul Hunter

 Blockbuster Awards
 Favorite Female Artist of the Year 
Favorite Latin Album of the Year

 BMI Awards
 What A Girl Wants - Best Pop Song Writing

 Lady Marmalade - Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals

 Irish America Magazine's
 On the list - Top 100 Irish In America

 Latin Grammys
 Mi Reflejo - Best Female Pop Vocal Album

 My VH1 Awards
 Lady Marmalade - Is It Hot in Here or Is It Just My Video
 What's Going On - My Favorite Video
 What's Going On - There's No "I" in Team Best Collaboration

 MTV Video Music Awards
 Lady Marmalade - Best Video From A Film
 Lady Marmalade - Best Video Of The Year

 New Zealand's Coke Juice TV Awards
 Lady Marmalade - Best R&B Video

 Radio Music Awards
 Lady Marmalade - Song of The Year: Top 40: Pop Radio

 Teen Choice Awards
 Lady Marmalade - Choice Song of the Summer

 TMF Award
 Lady Marmalade - Best Video Of The Year

 World Music Awards
 The World's Best Selling Latin Female Artist


ALMA Awards
Lady Marmalade - Outstanding Song in a Motion Picture Soundtrack

MTV Japan Video Music Awards
Lady Marmalade - Best Video From a Film

MVPA Awards
Lady Marmalade - Best Styling Trish Summerville
What's Going On - Best R&B Video


Channel V Thailand
 Best International Female

 Beautiful - Special Recognition Award for the Portrayal of Gays in a Video 

Groovevolt Music
Can't Hold Us Down - Most Fashionable Music Video
Stripped - Album of the Year
Beautiful - Video of the Year

 MOBO Awards
 Dirrty - Best Video

 MTV European Music Awards
 Best Female

 MTV TRL Awards
 TRL Evolution Award

 MVPA Awards
 Dirrty - Best Styling Trish Summerville
 Dirrty - Best Make-up Troy Jensen & Sharon Gault

 Nokia TMF Awards
 Best Female Singer Of The Year International
 Stripped - Best Album Of The Year International
 Fighter - Best Video Clip Of The Year International

 Q Awards
 Dirrty - Best Single

 Smash Hits Poll Awards
 Best Female Solo Artist
 Pop Snog of the Year with Madonna and Britney

 Teen Choice Awards
 The Justified And Stripped Tour - Choice Summer Tour 
Dirrty - Best Booty Shaking Song
Beautiful - Best Song Lyric: "I am beautiful, no matter what you say"

 The Pops Awards
 Singer Of The Year

 TMF Awards
 Best Female Singer

 Yahoo! And Users
 Dirrty - Sexiest Video Award


Glamour Magazine
 Woman Of The Year

 Beautiful - Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

 Juno Awards
 Fighter - Video of the Year

 MTV Asia Awards
 Favorite Female Artist 

MVPA Awards
 Fighter - Best Styling
 The Voice Within - Director of the Year: David LaChapelle

 TMF Holland Awards
 Best Female

 Young Scot Awards
 Stripped - Best Album


 The Advertising Women of New York's Good, Bad and Ugly Awards 

2005 Bad Award
 Skechers Campaign


 I-tunes Awards
 Back to Basics - Best Pop Album

 Artist of the month (August)

 MTV Asia
 Artist Of The Month (August)

 MTV Europe Music Awards
 Best Female

 Rolling Stone Music Awards
 Reader's Pick - Best Female Performer

 US Weekly
 Hot Young Hollywood

 Z100's Awards
 Back to Basics - Album of the year


49th Grammy Awards
 Ain't No Other Man - Best Female Pop Vocal Performance

 NRJ Awards
 Back To Basics - Best International Album 
  Best International Female Artist


8,207,000, “Christina Aguilera,” 1999
4,234,000, “Stripped,” 2002
1,691,000, “Back to Basics,” 2006
963,000, “My Kind of Christmas,” 2000
480,000, “Mi Reflejo,” 2000
304,000, “Keeps Getting Better,” 2008
128,000, “Just Be Free,” 2001

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